Viewed Flats on Wednesday, Moved in on Monday!

I was not sure that we would be able to live up to my client’s wish to relocate from Spain to Edinburgh and move into a flat within a week of landing in Edinburgh but…..

Last week I collected a Spannish gentleman at the airport on Tuesday evening and gave him a lift to the guesthouse we had arranged in the centre of town. This in itself had been difficult to arrange as it is the height of the tourist industry in Edinburgh and my client had only booked his flights to Edinburgh the week before. However, it turned out his accommodation was very nice and he hoped only to stay there one-two weeks before moving into long-term accommodation.

We had liaised by email for a few weeks and drawn up a short-list of properties for us to view the following day. However, at this time of year the market for rented accommodation changes daily so our short-list had to be altered at the last minute to take out properties that had been leased or went under offer the day before and add new ones. I had already previewed some of the properties and, as I thought Cesar chose a modern one bedroom flat in the Newtown. The added advantage of this particular property was that it was ready for someone to move into, so the lease was signed that evening, references were handed over and entry agreed the minute the international transfer of funds was received by the landlord. This happened within a few days and I spoke to my client yesterday who was happy in his new abode.

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