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3 Advantages of Using a Relocation Agent

Edinburgh Relocation Services will save you TIME, MONEY AND HASSLE!


There are many agents and web sites advertising accommodation and this can be extremely daunting and time-consuming if you are not ‘in the know’.  I know the most reputable agents to use and will save you lots of time by searching for appropriate properties in suitable areas, sending you details, previewing your selected properties before making a final short-list to view with you at a convenient time. Many hours can be wasted viewing what appeared to be good properties on the web but in reality are less than inviting. Also my knowledge of Edinburgh saves you time looking at good properties in less than desirable areas.


The main money saver is enabling you to take as little time off work as possible. Usually a suitable property can be acquired within a day thus also saving the cost of overnight accommodation. Furthermore, as I deal regularly with many reputable agents, we are often able to negotiate a discount on the advertised rent.


Last but certainly not least – hassle. With my knowledge of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas I will provide you with information about nurseries, schools, doctors, dentists etc in your chosen area.  I will also meet you on the day of entry and can pick up keys from the agent/owner if you are not going to arrive during their opening hours.   I will pick you up and take you to the property and check everything is in order. I aim to make your move as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

South Africa to Scotland

Relocation Agent

Recently I have gained an increasing number of South African clients eager to start a more peaceful and less stressful way of life.  Their common opinion was they now felt threatened on a daily basis in South Africa.  I contacted them all a few weeks after their move and was relieved they all  felt much less vulnerable in the UK.  So far I have assisted 3 families relocated to Edinburgh from South Africa.  Two opted for the hustle and bustle of the city centre but the younger of the 3 families decided on a family house in Balerno, with a large garden and close to the local school and shops.  I am glad to say they have settled into the Scottish way of living and are very happy with their decisions to relocate.

Edinburgh Relocations


  • Initial consultation – to ascertain your specific requirements by phone, at a convenient location or by email. Email is preferred by most clients and we have supplied an enquiry form for your convenience.
  • Advice on desirable area – clients have found this invaluable as certain areas may sound appropriate but those with local knowledge know that they are not particularly desirable areas to live in, or do not have good schools etc close at hand.
  • Contact local agents and search online for accommodation that meets your specific requirements.
  • Send you a short-list of appropriate properties.
  • View properties that are of interest to you.
  • Provide feedback on short-listed properties.
  • Arrange appointments and accompany you to view properties over one or two days selected properties.
  • Arrange short-term accommodation for you in a guesthouse or hotel to enable you to view accommodation and familiarise yourself with Edinburgh before your move.
  • Provide a list of reputable removal firms if required.
  • A representative will be happy to  pick you up from Edinburgh airport, railway station or specified location within the Edinburgh area, to view properties that meet your specific criteria. 

3 Reasons to Move to Edinburgh

1) Edinburgh is one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan cities in Europe and is regularly voted as one of the most desirable places to live in the world. The capital is bustling with arts, culture, sports and attractions, and is famous for playing host to the world’s largest arts festival, Visit Edinburgh International Festival.

2)   As for raising a family, the quality of life is so much better in Scotland than many countries. The education system is very advanced with a lot of emphasis placed on extra-curricular activities.

3)  Salaries in Scotland are highly competitive and relocating to Edinburgh can mean an excellent standard of living while maintaining a high salary package.


Kate is absolutely brilliant – her product/service does exactly what it says on the tin. Kate found me a wonderful home in Edinburgh in a very short period of time and it was all done to fit in with my schedule. She is incredibly friendly and smiley and nothing is too much hassle. It’s all first rate, professional and as a client you are made to feel you have 100% of her attention. Thanks a lot – I owe you.        Sue – Fife to Edinburgh

“My husband and I worked with Kate Browne over the course of about six months on our relocation to Edinburgh from the United States.  We had a very long list of specific requirements, including proximity to the University Edinburgh’s  Roslin Institute, and the need to bring our family dog, but Kate was able to accommodate every need we had.  We are so impressed with her work, and would highly recommend the use of her services for any international- and local- move.  Kate was in touch constantly with available property updates and suggestions, and worked as a liaison on our behalf after we had selected the property we are now currently letting.  She accompanied us to a viewing, discussed logistics and repair details with the letting agency, and made sure that we understood all of the legal ramifications of our letting contract.  Furthermore, she helped us to find local services and shops, and even recommended a family doctor.  Kate has been invaluable for our international move, and I can easily say that we would have been lost without her.”
-Sabrina Estabrook-Russett

“Thank you so much for your help and patience, we won’t hesitate to recommend you to all our family and friends”

“We couldn’t have done it without you, thank you”

“We were dreading moving but it was a positive and enjoyable experience”

“We never thought we would find the perfect home and in less thank six weeks, thank you”

“The best money we have ever spent, we will be sure to recommend you”
“You rock!”