Edinburgh Relocations Services – Welcome

Welcome To Edinburgh Relocations. My name is Kate Browne and I have been involved in the property market for many years.  I am well aware that moving to a new location can be, not only daunting, but time-consuming and extremely stressful.  My professional home finder service is designed to save you both time and money, making the moving experience as stress-free as possible.   Through my network of contacts including trusted estate agents and property developers I can offer the best possible advice and I am often aware of properties that are not yet on the market.   You will deal with the same person throughout your move and all my clients have found this a great benefit. My commitment to you is that I will save you TIME, MONEY AND HASSLE finding the perfect home in Edinburgh and Lothians.


There are many agents and web sites advertising accommodation and this can be extremely daunting and time-consuming if you are not ‘in the know’.  I know the most reputable agents to use and will save you lots of time by extensively searching for appropriate properties in suitable areas, sending you details, previewing your selected properties before making a final short-list to view with you at a convenient time. Many hours can be wasted viewing what appeared to be good properties on the web but in reality are less than inviting.  Also my knowledge of Edinburgh saves you time looking at good properties but which are in situated in less than desirable areas.


The main money saver is enabling you to take as little time off work as possible. Usually a suitable property can be acquired within a day thus also saving you money on short-term accommodation. Furthermore, in the case of rented accommodation,  I am often able to negotiate a discount on the advertised rent.


Last but certainly not least – hassle.  With my knowledge of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas I will provide you with information about nurseries, schools, doctors, dentists, libraries, shops etc in your chosen area.  I will also meet you on the day of entry and can pick up keys from the agent/owner if you are not going to arrive during their opening hours. I will pick you up and take you to the property and check everything is in order.  My aim to make your move to Edinburgh as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email at kate@edinburgh-relocations.co.uk or  phone: 00447946611190 to discuss your individual requirements.  I tailor my service to take this into account and I am dedicated to finding you the perfect property. Clients are provided with invaluable advice on suitable areas and local amenities including schools, GPs, dentists, sports facilities etc.


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